5 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Microwave Oven Functioning At Peak Performance

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A microwave oven is a kitchen appliance that brings forth a convenience that some would have never thought possible, and still others find they can’t do without. Whether it’s melting some cheese for a quesadilla or actually exploring numerous cookbooks that use the microwave as the main source for full-size meal prep, this appliance finds its way into the home in a way that other appliances do not.

The thing is that since it is an electrical appliance with moving parts & electronics, we, as responsible homeowners, have to treat it well & take care of it during its life. In this vein, here are five ways you can make sure your microwave is doing what it should be at all times.

1. Clean the inside – Inevitably, there are splatters of food that occur during heating. These old bits are not only unsightly, they can actually burns to the appliance. because in a way, they are continually being cooked.

2. Don’t slam the door – The same goes for your microwave as it does for the front door of your house. You could jar the door loose, and depending on the operating system, you could actually damage the electronics.

3. Replace parts for upkeep – If you break a turntable plate or replace the bulb, these little things allow for all of the microwave’s energy & function to concentrate on the food.

4. Use the right materials – Use microwave-safe materials when heating things up. The main type of material you always want to avoid is metal.

5. Use heating presets – Though everyone believes they have the perfect time to leave foods in for heating, reheating, or defrosting, you may actually be wasting energy & causing your microwave to work in a less efficient way.

A microwave oven is an important tool in the kitchen arsenal, By understanding how to operate & maintain it, you are sure to find years of dedicated service from this seemingly futuristic kitchen staple. Learn more about microwave ovens in Austin, TX and beyond today.